apartaments el cine

The most exclusive zone of the Costa Brava

Cap de Creus

The most important land and sea park in Catalonia

The peninsula of Cap de Creus constitutes the last spur of the Pyrenees and the eastern seaboard of the Iberian Peninsula

Aiguamolls de l'Empordà

Nature lovers paradise

It is formed by a series of ponds, dykes and flooded meadows near the confluence of the rivers Muga and Fluvià


Mediterranean town

Roses is a Mediterranean town with a marked tourist and fishing tradition. It is located in a unique natural site, to the north of the Costa Brava

Ruïnes d'Empúries

Archaeological site of interest

Empúries is the only archaeological site in the Iberian Peninsula that contains the remains of a Greek city (the colonial site of Emporion).

Illes Medes

A marine area of exceptional value

A marine area of exceptional value with populations of algae, Posidonia Oceanica seagrass, coral, different species of fish, crabs, starfish and many others.


Natural beauty spot

This natural beauty spot is located to the south of the Albera massif, and is formed by two different areas

La Garrotxa

Volcanic landscape

This is the most important example of volcanic landscape in the Iberian Peninsula it has forty volcanic cones and more than 20 basalt lava deposits.

Sant Pere de Rodes

Ancient monastery

This monastery was already known in 878, when it was merely a humble monastic cell. During the first half of the 10th century it was converted into an independent abbey.

Museu Dalí


The Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation holds different collections of works by Salvador Dalí, that are unique in terms of quantity, amplitude and depth


Picturesque town

This town is located in the district of Alt Empordà To the west of the Peninsula of Cap de Creus